D2 - Semantic similarity metrics for learned image registration

Steffen Czolbe, Oswin Krause, Aasa Feragen

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We propose a semantic similarity metric for image registration. Existing metrics like euclidean distance or normalized cross-correlation focus on aligning intensity values, giving difficulties with low intensity contrast or noise. Our approach learns dataset-specific features that drive the optimization of a learning-based registration model. We train both an unsupervised approach using an auto-encoder, and a semi-supervised approach using supplemental segmentation data to extract semantic features for image registration. Comparing to existing methods across multiple image modalities and applications, we achieve consistently high registration accuracy. A learned invariance to noise gives smoother transformations on low-quality images.
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Wednesday 7th July
D1-3 (long): Unsupervised and Representation Learning - 16:00 - 16:30 (UTC+2)
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