Social Program

Science does not only live from research presentations but also from bringing together people across the field, and the MIDL community is no exception. Even though (or because) the conference is a fully virtual event, there will be numerous opportunities to meet your colleagues from all over the world, exchange ideas and expand your network.

The Virtual Conference Center

The conference will take place in a virtual conference center using the Gather.Town environment. This platfrom provides great opportunities for interactions, ranging from spontaneous chats during your way to the poster room to in-depth discussions at a white-board in a seminar room. We highly encourage everyone to make good use of the tool - it is the closest virtual analogy of an in-person conference we could find! Feel free to explore the virtual conference center. Meet other people preparing their lunch in the kitchen, stroll around the posters and booths of our sponsors or enjoy the relaxing athmosphere of the beach. Maybe, you can even get a few glimpses of what Lübeck looks like...

Get Together

At the first day of the conference, after listening to all the exciting presentations, we open the roof top bar for you! Enjoy a cocktail in a unique location above the roofs of Lübeck. And yes - there will be cocktails! There are barkeepers waiting for you to mix your favourite drink with you - live! To be prepared for the cocktails you can find everything you need to add to your grocery list and particular the unique signature drink MIDL mule

Gala Event

The second day of the conference is typically reserved for the gala dinner. Before the pandemic hit everyone around the globe, we planned for an exclusive dinner within the medieval St. Marien church. Unfortunately, we had to cancel this. But be prepared: You do not have to catch a flight to explore the medieval center of the hanseatic city of Lübeck... And of course, we do not want your throat to dry out. Don't worry: The barkeepers might also find their way to virtual Lübeck. Your grocery list for Thursday


After its great initiation in Londons Hyde Park in 2019, the MIDL morning became the most appealing counterpart to sitting on a chair and listening to talks all day. Don't think about different continents and time zones: MIDL will run together! If you are willing to get yourself moving, join the Strava group MIDL Run. The basic Strava App is free to use and keeps track of our joint effort during the conference. Will the MIDL community run more than 500km?

Active Breaks

Sitting in front of your computer the whole day watching scientific talks can be tiring. To boost up your energy for the last sessions, there will be active breaks everyday to get your body parts moving again. The breaks do not exceed 15 minutes and all exercises can be done in front of your desk without any tools. Join the active breaks, your back (and the authors from the last sessions) will be thankful!

Gaming Lounge

It is as easy as it sounds: Grab your friends, go to the lounge, sit down in front of the fireplace and enjoy a round of your favourite game.