G1 - Me-NDT: Neural-backed Decision Tree for Visual Explainability of Deep Medical Models

Guanghui FU, Ruiqian Wang, Jianqiang Li, Maria Vakalopoulou, Vicky Kalogeiton

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Despite the progress of deep learning on medical imaging, there is still not a true understanding of what networks learn and of how decisions are reached. Here, we address this by proposing a Visualized Neural-backed Decision Tree for Medical image analysis, Me-NDT. It is a CNN with a tree-based structure template that allows for both classification and visualization of firing neurons, thus offering interpretability. We also introduce node and path losses that allow Me-NDT to consider the entire path instead of isolated nodes. Our experiments on brain CT and chest radiographs outperform all baselines. Overall, Me-NDT is a lighter, comprehensively explanatory model, of great value for clinical practice.
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Thursday 8th July
G1-9 (short): Interpretability and Explainable AI - 16:45 - 17:30 (UTC+2)
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