J1 - Multimodal Generative Learning on the MIMIC-CXR Database

Hendrik J. Klug, Thomas M. Sutter, Julia E Vogt

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Machine Learning has become more and more popular in the medical domain over the past years. While supervised machine learning has already been applied successfully, the vast amount of unlabelled data offers new opportunities for un- and self-supervised learning methods. Especially with regard to the multimodal nature of most clinical data, the labelling of multiple data types becomes quickly infeasible in the medical domain. However, to the best of our knowledge, multimodal unsupervised methods have been tested extensively on toy-datasets only but have never been applied to real-world medical data, for direct applications such as disease classification and image generation. In this article, we demonstrate that self-supervised methods provide promising results on medical data while highlighting that the task is extremely challenging and that there is space for substantial improvements.
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Friday 9th July
J1-9 (short): Unsupervised and Representation Learning - 13:45 - 14:30 (UTC+2)
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